Hardware Installation

Don't break it

Professional Hardware Installation

Install hardware with out damaging computer components


Common Computer components

  • Case Swap (change the outer shell of the computer)
  • Mother Board (Big board where everything connects to)
  • CPU (Central processing unit - Small and very expensive chip)
  • RAM (Random Access Memory - Small strip of chips)
  • Hard Drive (Storage for files)
  • DVD Drive (Digital Versatile/Video Disk - Reads DVD's and CD's)
  • CD Drive (Compact Disk - Reads CD's)
  • External Drives (Other types of Storage)
  • Temp Reader (Temperature alarm)
  • Monitor (Screen - "TV" of the computer)
  • Printer (Hardcopy output)
  • Scanner (Captures contents from a paper)
  • Camera (Digital media transfer)
  • VGA (Video Graphics Card)
  • Sound Card (For audio output)
  • Modem (Connects to phone line)
  • LAN/Ethernet (connects to High-speed Internet Provider)
  • Neon Lights (Cool lights)
  • PCI Fan (Fan placed inside a PCI slot)
  • MB Fans (Fan for Hard disk drives)
  • Keyboard (input by keypad)
  • Mouse (input from )
  • Joystick (Device for media entertainment with a Stick in the middle)
  • Game pad (Joystick for game)
  • Microphone (Audio Input)
  • Speakers (Audio Output)

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