PC Customization

Build your ultimate PC


Building the best computer is tough work. Here is a step by step procedure to build your ultimate PC from scratch. If you are looking to update computer components modem, display, etc. click here It is advisable to have a professional help you build your pc.


Step 1: Careful Thought

  1. Determine what the computer will be used for.
  2. List all required components in a computer.
  3. List all optional components needed for every day use.
  4. List all components need for special computer tasks.

Step 2: Purchase

  1. Determine price budget for computer.
  2. Determine price for special tasks components.
  3. Determine price for all required components.
  4. Determine price for all optional components.

Step 3: Assemble

  1. Set up the Case and Power supply
  2. Insert Mother Board, CPU, and RAM
  3. Insert All Bay Drives( Hard drive, CD-Rom, etc.)
  4. Insert AGP Card
  5. Insert PCI Card
  6. Connect External Components
  7. Install Operating System
  8. Install Hardware Drivers
  9. Install Applications Software

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