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Add new Elements

Add new items to website for a more advance and creative look. In other words, Appeal to the eye.


Submission FormGive users more options to fill out on a submission form.
New ServiceCreate new service to attract more clients.
New ProductMore products to increase revenue.
AnimationMoving objects to keep the mind stimulated
Search EnginesResponses from search engines like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, ETC.
Site NavigationMenu's, links, and tabs used to navigate from page to page.
Yours - Size and clarity of artwork
Yours - Enhance browsing experience.

Ours - Images of fantasy and reality to improve the look of web pages.

TextConsistency throughout the site and web standards.
Layout, Design, and ColorGet a visitors attention in under 5 seconds.
LinksBe careful not to add links to your competitors.
ECommerceBusiness solutions offering a method of selling products and services over the internet.
Phone: (818) 692-4357E-mail: design@webshahar.com

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