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All the information there is to know about traffic to the site.
A big item to consider when you want to know if visitors see the website the way it was meant to be seen. Below is a sample list of statistical elements.


Monthly historyTraffic for year by month
Days of the monthTraffic for month by day
Days of the weekTraffic for week by day
HoursTraffic for day by hour


CountriesVisitors from other countries
HostsVisitors from the US
Robots/SpidersVisits from Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.


DurationTime visited the site
File typejpg, html, gif, exe, js, txt, swf, php, css, htm, asp, etc.
Page ViewWhich file was viewed
Operating SystemsWindows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS
BrowsersMsie 5.23, Firefox 0.9.6, Mozilla


BookmarksVisit from a "favorite" menu
News GroupVisit from a news group
Search EnginesVisit from Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
Other Websiteswww.????.com
Key phraseKey words with spaces in between "web shahar"
Key wordSingle word with no space "webshahar"


BookmarkAdded to "favorites"
Code pages

attempt to visit a page or directory that does not exit or is forbidden

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